We hope that you are all well and enjoying the spring days just as much as we are here at the international preschool. It has been a spring full of experiences, and we look forward to giving you a glimpse into the past and upcoming activities at our school.

Throughout the spring, we embarked on an exciting learning journey where the Preschool children learned a lot about the various continents, animals, and oceans. These topics not only provide valuable knowledge but also foster global awareness and curiosity among the children.

Before Easter, we had the opportunity to strengthen our sense of community with a delicious spring breakfast. It was a wonderful time of togetherness and enjoyment, which was greatly appreciated by all.

Additionally, this week we began planting our own vegetables. This project is not only a practical learning opportunity but also supports environmental awareness and the importance of healthy eating.

Next week, we have an important visit to the dentist scheduled. This experience is intended to teach the children about the importance of oral hygiene and help alleviate any fears of visiting the dentist.

Another highlight that we are all particularly looking forward to is our planned trip to the Heidelberg Zoo in June. We are convinced that this will be a day full of discoveries and fun, and that the children will receive a lot of interesting information about the animal world.

Our next Newsletter will be online in Autumn.

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